About FileManager

Hello! I'm math2001, and I'm the author of FileManager.

I've created this package because I...don't have a really fast computer (pretty slow to be honest), so I'm use to have small tool, but still powerful. Sublime Text is probably the best example (although I wouldn't call it small, but super-fast 😉)

So, when I installed SidebarEnhancement, it just didn't fit. There were so many options, I used only about half of them. You couldn't create any nested files (actually, you could, but you'd get an error message poping up). There was no auto completion and it was messy. I just didn't like it.

Then AdvancedNewFile came into the game. This one is really cool. It has auto completion (although I discovered when I started creating FileManager 😆), you can create nested files, folders. But it wasn't included in the Side Bar, which is, in my opinion, a bit silly.

So, I decided to mix them together, but I kept in mind that I should add feature that are really useful. And out of this came FileManager.

I'm completely open to any suggestions, and I would love to hear what you think of this package or if you enjoy it! So, you can send me a tweet, or simply star the repo!