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Building a Nice Cli for Git (~ 1 min)

I'll admit, git is awesome. I've never seen any bugs with it, it's reliable, and everyone uses it. It's just so sweet. But damn is the CLI shit. I'm sorry for using bad language, but come on! What is that thing?? I won't even bother giving examples. So, I'm tinkering with the idea of building a user friendly wrapper around git. But that's like probably the best way to introduce bug in a reliable system, and who wants to use a scary wrapper?

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Tmux Zoom (~ 1 min)

When you have multiple panes open in tmux, just press prefix zto toggle zoom mode. When activated, only the current pane will be shown. πŸ˜‰

So binary numbers are useful? (~ 8 min)

Do you know what binary numbers are? They're just a way of counting with just 2 numbers: 0 and 1. For example, 9 is in binary 1001.

This is the format your computer uses to do everything, at a very low level. Either there is some current, or there isn't. And then, it interprets these numbers, and becomes what it is.

So, what the heck could be the use of binary numbers to us, simple programmers who write some code with all these different symbols, letters, and numbers? πŸ€”

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My new blog (~ 4 min)

Hello everyone!

My name's Mathieu Paturel - @math2001 - and I love coding. I'm French (from Provence, if you know where that is), but my family and I moved 2 years ago to Australia so that we could learn to speak fluently English (without this disgusting accent πŸ˜„).

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DynamicOpen function (~ 1 min)

I really open my .vimrc often. Too often to have to type :e ~/.vimrc or :tabe ~/.vimrc every time. Here's little function that will open a file in a new tab if there isn't enough room for a new split, and, you guessed it, in a new vertical split if there is.

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How do I get the ASCII value of a character? (~ 1 min)

To get the ASCII value of the character under the cursor, just press ga (or run :ascii). It'll print it in three format: in decimal, hexadecimal and octal. So, when your cursor is on an arrow and that you press ga: β†’, you'll see at the bottom: <β†’> 8594, Hex: 2192, Octal: 20622 Mnemonic: Get ASCII value. Β­ from :help :ascii

Vim digraphs (~ 2 min)

Ever wanted to write fancy symbols in your code or your documentation, like the copyright symbol for example (Β©). Do you know how much time it took me to insert this symbol? Less than a second… Do you know how much time it would have took you? Well, depending on your internet connection, it might be about 10 seconds.

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