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Bonjour! I'm a first year UNSW student, doing a double degree in engineering (software engineering) and science (physics). I've been programming for about 4 years (self taught). I know a fair bit about Python, though I'm spending a lot more time writing Go these days... I also did a bit of web development.

Finding the equation of a curve formed by lines (~ 6 min)

drawing with lines only that form curves

My sister had to do some artwork for school, and she decided to make some curved shapes out of lines. It looks pretty cool (although it would have been even better with pencil I think, but she wouldn't listen, and I'm too lazy to do it myself right now), and making curves out of just lines, well, I find that pretty fancy. But I wondered what the curves actually were… Circles? Parabolas? Ellipses? Something different?

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You are probably wondering what is the difference between a post, an article and a project. Articles and projects are carefully crafted, whereas posts are pretty much just me thinking out loud…